• Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Permanent Magnetic Lifter

In the lifting and mounting process, the lift magnets are applicable primarily for sucking and holding chunk-shaped, cylindrical magnetic workpieces and those of other shapes. They help with simplifying loading and moving. They are considered ideal lifting tools used in factories, wharves, warehouses and other transportation industries.

The workpieces can be easily held and released through the handle control; they are favorable for work efficiency.

The magnetic lifters made by Wei-Shin are light and handy, easy to operate, with strong suction.

Model Rated lifting strength
Operation temperature
Net Weight
PML-100 100 125 64 120 145 -40~+80 3
PML-300 300 200 92 163 195 -40~+80 10
PML-600 600 278 122 221 220 -40~+80 23